Backstage, on stage, dressing rooms, green rooms, recording studios, TV studios, home studios, demos, radio stations, tour buses, limos, passenger vans, taxis, airports, late night room parties, hotel lobbies, bars, sound checks, line checks, spotting checks, bounced checks and occasional gifters of a hot lick or groove to the boss.  Did I miss anything?

My fellow pilgrims on the Musical Way, grab that mini-mag and let's dig through that closet in the back room.  Grab those boxes of tapes, yeah the 2" too; the hard drives up on the shelf in the studio; those unfinished tracks on your DAW; the songs, licks, grooves and lyrics still sitting in your head.  There's a new day dawning for you and it's called Licensing.  And it’s Worldwide. Time for Your Music and Your Unique Experience.  Bring it on.  I'm all ears.


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